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with Debra J Farber

Host & Privacy Tech Advisor

  • Debra J Farber, JD, CISSP, CIPT, FIP
    About the Host
    Debra J Farber, JD, CISSP, CIPT, FIP
    Debra J. Farber is a globally-recognized Privacy, Security & Trust Expert and CEO of Privacy Tech Advisory firm, Principled LLC. Through Principled, she works with early and growth stage startups to: develop strategies that meet market needs; craft go-to-market messaging that resonates with privacy, security, and data governance executives; evangelize privacy-by-design and privacy engineering methodologies and tactics; and evaluate the uses of distributed ledger technologies, verified credentials, and decentralized identifiers for building ethical, transparent, and trusted technology. Debra thrives when she pours her passionate energy into building ethical ecosystems and communities. She heads up The XR Safety Initiative's (XRSI) Privacy & Safety Framework project, serves as Advisor to The Rise of Privacy Tech (TROPT), sits on The Metaverse Reality Check citizen’s oversight board, and supports The Open Voice Network (Linux Foundation) as a member of its Industry Advisor Council. Previously, Debra held privacy and security leadership roles at Amazon Prime Video, AWS, BigID, Visa, TrustArc & IBM and co-founded Women in Security & Privacy (WISP).
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  • Shifting Privacy Left
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    Shifting Privacy Left
    Shifting Privacy Left features lively discussions on the need for organizations to embed privacy by design into engineering, devops and the product development processes BEFORE code or products are ever shipped. Each Tuesday, we'll publish a new episode that features meaty interviews with privacy engineers, technologists, researchers, ethicists, innovators, market makers, and industry thought leaders. We'll dive deeply into this subject and unpack the exciting elements of emerging technologies and tech stacks that are driving privacy innovation, strategies and tactics that win trust, privacy pitfalls to avoid, privacy tech issues ripped from the headlines, and many other juicy topics of interest.
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